Golf Pants | What you should know when buying golf pants

Golf Pants

Some helpful information when purchasing golf pants online.

The Golf Society aims to provide the Australian golfer the best range of stylish and functional golf pants, and we offer what we view to best the best brands in golf clothing. With our extensive range of golf pants from our selected brands comes the possibility that you may be purchasing a new brand for the first time and to be confident of the fit when purchasing we have put together the information to help you buy the golf pants that best suits you.

Parts Of Golf Pants

When discussing how golf pants are meant to fit it is useful to know the terminology, most people know about the belt loops and fly, but crotch and inseam are less familiar terms.

Some golf pants have a silicone band inside the waistline to ensure a tucked in shirts stays in place. The belt loops are stitched in place around the waistline, most trousers and golf pants are held up with the assistance of a belt which passes through the belt loops

Moving down the pants, the fly is a covering over an opening join concealing the mechanism, such as a zipper and in some golf pants buttons. 

Pleats just below the waistband on the front typify many styles of formal and casual trousers, there may be one, two, three, or no pleats, which may face either direction. Some golf pants have pleats, and some are flat front. 

The front pockets are present on all styles of trouser including golf pants. Some of our golf pants will also have a small tee pocket on the front as well and can be located inside a front pocket. All trousers including golf pants have back pockets, and some golf pants can have up to 6 pockets to help hold your tee's glove and scorecard. 

The leg panel is stitched along the inseam on the inside of your leg and the outer seam on the outer side of your leg. At the bottom of the leg, you have the cuffs, and the cuffs can be narrower on slim fit golf pants with a taper in the legs down to the cuffs. The rise is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam (right between your legs) to the top of the waistband. It usually ranges from 9 inches to 11 inches. Pant rise is important because it determines where your pants sit on your body, which in turn creates your perceived waistline.

 Fit Styles of Men's Golf Pants

Although manufacturers may come up with their own terminology for golf pant sizing, most of them adhere to the same concept of offering two pants cuts to fit the three most common body types. 
Before looking at the fit these pants provide, it is important to consider the shapes they are designed to fit. Doctors and fitness experts often refer to three somatotypes, or body shapes, that describe most men's bodies; these categories are also helpful when deciding how to dress each body type.

All our golf pants will be listed as slim or regular fit in our size and fit guide tab on each product page.

Body Type


Recommended Fit

Ectomorph - Slim

The ectomorphic body type tends to be lean and narrow. Men with this shape typically have narrower shoulders, chest, waist, and legs.

Slim fit

Mesomorph - Muscular

The broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped inverted wedge shape is that of a mesomorph. Men with this physique generally put on muscle easily and maintain a trim waist.

Regular fit, slim fit

Endomorph - Rounded

The endomorphic body type has more rounded contours and tends to gain weight in the abdomen. When slim, endomorphs retain a stocky overall build and a more cylindrical torso rather than the mesomorph's wedge shape.

Regular fit

Golf Pants - Leg Length

The Golf Society offers two leg lengths 32" and 34". 34" leg is available in pants with a waist size above 34". You can select your required size on each product page.

36 (leg 32) = 36" waist size with a 32" leg length

36 (leg 34) = 36 waist size with a 34" leg length


Golf Pants - Regular Fit & Slim Fit
Regular fit golf pants are your typical type of pants only in recent year have golf fashion brands started to manufacture slim fit pants. Regular fit (reg) has a roomier crotch which is better when getting in and out of golf carts. Regular fit golf pants also have a wider leg, straight without a taper to the cuffs. The cuffs have a bigger opening as opposed to slim fit golf pants.

Golf Pants - Slim fit
Slim fit golf pants are new but loved by many golfers. J.Lindeberg, Hugo Boss, Cross, Puma, and Nike all offer regular and slim fit golf pants. Slim fit pants have a slimmer crotch, and narrow leg tapered down to a narrow cuff. 

Golf Pant Materials
The standard materials for the construction of golf pants are cotton & polyester or a combination of the two, but these days golf shirts are constructed with materials that push the boundaries of intelligent fabric performance. You will find material information on every product page.

Cotton Twill Golf Pants

  • Fashion chinos are constructed from cotton twill.
  • Content: 100%Cotton
  • Color: Can be a solid color or plaid pattern 
  • Features: Soft hand-feel, Nice Texture, Eco-friendly, warming.
  • A great pair of pants for on and off the course.

Cotton + Elastane Golf Pants

  • Similar look and feel to cotton twill pants but with a percentage of Elastane which enables the fabric to stretch with the movement of the body, resulting in freedom of movement
  • Elastane ranges from 3%-10%
  • Color: Can be a solid color or plaid pattern.
  • Features: Stretchy, Soft hand-feel, Nice Texture
  • A great pair of pants for on and off the course.

Polyester Golf pants

  • Polyester is what most high-quality sportswear and team wear is constructed from. Polyester golf pants have a nice sheen and lightweight in comparison to cotton. 
  • Content: 100% Polyester
  • Color: Can be a solid color or plaid pattern.
  • Features: Breathable, Wicking Moisture, Soft hand-feel, Nice Texture.
  • Polyester golf pants are mainly worn just on the course due to their sporty look.

Polyester + Elastane Golf Pants

  • Similar look and feel to a polyester polo but with a percentage of elastane which enables the fabric to stretch with the movement of the body, resulting in freedom of movement. Polyester golf pants have a nice sheen and lightweight in comparison to cotton
  • Color: Can be a Solid color our Yarn Dyed Stripe.
  • Features: Stretchy, Breathable, Wicking Moisture, Soft hand-feel, Nice Texture.
  • Polyester golf shirts are mainly worn just on the course due to their sporty look.

Golf Pants Tech
Our Golf Pants feature more than of the following technologies;

Golf pants will stretch two ways, across the grain. 4 Way will stretch across and lengthways resulting in better freedom of movement. Don't feel restricted through your golf swing and stretchy golf pants are ideal for getting in and out of a cart.

Moisture management or moisture wicking tech fabric is designed to draw sweat & perspiration from the skin to the exterior of the fabric. It is much easier for the moisture to evaporate on the surface of the fabric than when it's between the pants and the skin.

This technology is in light weight golf pants and acts against or opposes the penetration of wind or air, removing the chill factor when worn. Windproof pants are combined with water repellent technologies to create lightweight, breathable golf pants that will block the wind and a rain shower.

The most fundamental property that the golf clothing must have is breathability. Here, breathability denotes the ability of the garments to transfer the moist vapor through the pore of garments. Breathable golf shirts ensure rapid moisture vapor transmission through garments, thus making any physically strenuous activity comfortable.

Water repellent technology resists water from absorbing/penetrating into the fabric up to a light rainfall keeping you dry. Water repellent technology is added to windproof golf pants. Water-repellent pants are lighter than full waterproof pieces.